Art Blog #4 - Paying Past Depts

It's been 128 days since my last blog post, it's one third of a year. This post aims to fill the gap until today, so I can post weekly logs as I wish.

I finished another university term in architecture, I can say that it was successful in comparison to previous terms. I started to work on a game idea that was in my mind for a while, I built a story and did some concepting. I’m planning to share them in the following periods. My girlfriend was planning to land in the game industry as an artist, we were studying for a while, it was a successful period. As a matter of fact, she was successful, I was only guiding her to not lose herself in the various potential of game industry. This guiding process still continues. Actually, there are more people that want to speed up their process in being game artists. I’m planning to create a discord server to build a learning together network.

In the beginning of February another architectural term started at university. This time it started with some adaptation issues. I think there are a few reasons for them. Firstly, I’m rushing for a long time, university is the first reason for that. Secondly, Project lectures ended with last term, so this term lectures are less dense. But actually, I started a game project for that reason, there won’t be a project class where I have to deliver something twice in a week. As a third reason I can say that, in the geography that I lived, earthquake and war topics are talked too much, while I’m reaching the end of my bachelor degree, these uncertainties intercept my adaptation to new terms. Now there is a covid-19 thread in global scale and lectures postponed, so my adaptation problem disappeared. 

In this month, I joined the challenge on Artstation. It was something I wanted to do for a long time but I didn't do. Anyway for me it was not a successful submission but at least I tried. There was a lot to improve on the artwork that I submitted. Actually the main thing that makes the challenge harder for me was the idea that I follow. Actually, I can say that I can not find time to work that is challenging me, but it was clear from the beginning that I will have a time problem. I could get a better result with an idea that could be more striking with less effort. The idea forced me to deal with around 15 million polygons, and this created an issue even transferring files between two PC. Using two PC also was a result of 15 million polygon. I chose the wrong idea at the beginning. The challenge was forced to use Adobe Dimension as final render. It was a good experience to use that software. Anyway in total, it was a good challenge, I learnt a lot from it. This is the link for my submission:

As I said before, the purpose of this post was to keep a log of what I did over the past period, so I end up here. This post was like a diary, but my intention is to start keeping weekly art logs again, to discuss my process with more detailed posts in the future..

On the road - 1

Introduction: What I did until now?

I'm always tent to making plan, rather than just get in to work. It was like that in my pre-3D life too. I used lots of techniques or tools without realizing it. 

And If I take a look closer period today, I mean its from summer of 2016 to today, I built some approaches day by day. While learning 3D at home, you really need to focus. So it can take less time than standard. But the days that I attend classes in mechanical engineering program, it was really painful to focus on both. Before that summer, in spring I had a first job in 3D and it is a part time remote job. I earn almost nothing, it takes time, but finally I was doing what I want to do. So I had three topics to take care, engineering program, the job and my process on learning 3d. That's where a task list need arise. And at the end of summer, I changed that engineering program to the architecture. Anyway, I will briefly explain my progress on this road now.

The first period on asana

I was barely aware of what I am doing. Just writing bullets down and trying to finish them. Full of mess. I split the projects roughly but things get broken easily and I cause a cloudy mind. Most of the time, I spend my energy in the wrong direction. But now I can say from this point, that was a good start. I was doing my tasks. But have issue with getting architectural stuff in asana or when architectural workload increased I was forgetting about learning 3D or finishing my other tasks. It takes summer 2016 to summer 2017. In that period, beside this three topic I also worked for some freelance projects.

The level 1 on asana

Level 1 started with no name. I just thought I need some improvements on asana and researched for them. After creating further update which is level 2, I started calling this was level 1. Anyway.

The improvements was that: I group all topic in my life to higher topics. Such as at this level I had a top project named Architecture to university tasks. Self-learning to my learning process on art and design. Life-cycle for my government, health, friends and family tasks. Portfolio-Enhancement for practicing more designs.

That hierarchy make my mind more clear. While working on tasks I have an idea about what it is for. 

The problem with that, in a day I had to deal with around 15 tasks which are take more time then I thought and mostly they are splitted to different top projects. And attending university lectures still take too much time. So I fall down in to procrastination. For a long time, I only did the tasks I really had to do, and easy to do. Doing some critical homework, but not all. Watching tutorials, but have no energy to practice it. Still it wasn't full of emptiness, I finished some projects at this period. It wasn't so deep. But wasn't shinny.

The level 2 on asana, later clickup

It is started with a book that my friend gave me. It is about procrastination. Then I realized what's going on. I heard another book and it's 'eat that frog'. After finishing the book, I had an idea of what I am actually doing, but have no idea about how to stop it. Book has answers, but it was a mess of info. Do I really have to open the book and read it, all the time that I procrastinate. Of course not, so I decided to study eat that frog. It takes almost 6 months. I didn't only study eat that frog. I also research for some other information.

At the start of this period, I activated full Asana by using my edu account. When it is expired in 3 months, I could no longer use asana, in free account, its abilities doesn't fit my needs that I used to in full asana. So I searched and find clickup. I tried ntask also in this period but clickup offers lots of good properties that I need. 

At this period in my self learning topic there was a course at edX that is prepared by Delft University, which is about product design. There was lectures the instructors telling about what-how-why relations. It makes me think about it. It is possible to apply this approach anything in the universe. From creative fields to technical fields. While I was thinking about what-how:why approach i meet the one of project process definition, 4d approach: discover, define, develop and deliver. Both approaches make me excited about what I could have done. But it's not that simple. I studied 4D approach also to understand what it really is. Today I am using the same approach, but I changed it for me.

At the same time I was working on manifests. What it is, how it is written and why it exists. As i said, what-why-how open all the doors. I will talk with details about it in later posts. I reached a point, what I want to do with my life. It isn't so detailed, but I know what I want to do, and what I don't want to do. I will keep it for myself in this post.

At the end, brightest moment of my art career until now, happened in summer 2019. Actually bright isn't the right word for it. It will shine day by day, but I can say, I am more aware of what I am doing, I hope I will be more in the future.

Today: The level 3

I decided to write this post while I was thinking about today's situations. I started level 3 on September 2019, with a silent ceremony. My topics are almost the same. Life cycle, self learning, architectural, workplace and vispaces that is renamed version of portfolio enhancement. And clickup able to add sub projects for it. For example classes for architectural, or life and official for lifecycle, and others still messy, but they are better than before. That's not the case for now, anyway. September was good enough but October was almost missing. I did lots of work for workplace, for university and for my personal projects. But didn't have enough records for them. It was a rushy month. And unforeseen tasks was to much. So for the next few months I decided to forecast possible tasks, mostly about university. After doing it, I got something like heat-map when I am almost full, to not finish my personal projects. So now, I am aware of my workload for the next two months. I hope that awareness makes me use my time efficiently and keep me alive when I missed my projects. 

So my purpose of writing all these was that: I created the whole system, but it is not working well. It is like the machine parts that work at the same time, or stops at the same time. They are not working with full of harmony. It is mostly related with the count of projects that I am dealing in a day. Sometimes it reaches 10. I want from me to finish all ten topics in a day. Then I feel, I didn't do my best about them. Some people tend to make me feel like that. Especially instructors at university. Anyway that's another topic too. 

I am hoping to develop new approaches for rest of level 3. I am almost sure about, I will no longer be choked up with producing, thanks to what-how-why approach and 4D process. The only threat is overwhelmed mind. To avoid that I have to stop dealing with multiple topics in a day, and need a break day in my week. I don't know, what will exactly solve it, so I am open to any suggestions. So feel free to share your experience with me. Also, I will continue to explain my further experience in this context.

Thank you for reading.

Definitions for Space

Last few weeks i was ruined by homework or projects or exams for university lectures. 

One of them is Morphology in Architecture. As a part of course, we will be asking to think about space concept in architecture. Later then i decided to write a post about it. Here it is:)

There is some definition about space in literature. 

Oxford define it as: Continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied. 

Encyclopedia Britannica called it: Space is the boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction.

PhD. Erdem Üngür who has research in Architectural design and theory, called space as: Architectural designs are created by carving space out of space, creating space out of space, and designing spaces by dividing this space using various tools, such as geometry, colours, and shapes. (in Space: The Undefinable Space of Architecture.)

When I think about space, the first thing in my mind is emptiness. That total emptiness need to be blocked by some colliders to called as a space. So I can say that: Space is an emptiness that's filled with colliders that are built naturally or hand made or virtually. These colliders, or blocking action does not have a negative meaning. These colliders create a sense of space. A space could exist without sensation. It exists anyway, even though any living organism doesn't feel it, this is another topic. On the other hand all living organisms have senses, physical or chemical. So if there is an organism in a space, then it will feel the space. Those senses are driven by parameters of colliders. These parameters and our senses meets in a boundary. Where the sense of space occur and experienced by organism.

If these thesis considered in practical world: For our experience in practical world as humans, we are always in space. This space happens around us, in our perspective. If parameters of colliders of space is close enough to boundary, our sense able to catch some evidence of space. If an elephant in our vision so we can experience it, if it is not, but we can still hear it, it is still a part of our experience. As I said before, it is related with senses. Think about a worm, for it, there are two ways of experiencing. A soil with water, and without water. Its has sense to perceive it. Water is the parameter of its collider. In this case we can think collider has soft transition, due to soft diffusion of water to the soil. Even so, there will be a point where worm’s senses provoked. Which can called as boundary. If we think computer science, a space could be defined as the emptiness that is filled with data. These data are parameters that define space, and that parameters can sense by computer system.

In conclusion, in my perspective, space is emptiness, that is filled by some colliders. These colliders have some parameters that define character of space, and the character of space is sensed by natural or cyber-organisms. This sensing action creates sense of space experience of sentient.

Art Blog #3 - Reach the Present & Start the Concept

This week passed amazingly lost, but when I look back and talk about what I did, I can see it was productive week. On both hand; personal, university related or professional works.

Product of Week

 - Robotic Bee

  • It is the Robotic Bee that is highly addict to chemicals, which make him stronger against its archenemy.
  • It is sculpted and modeled in ZBrush and Maya, painted in Substance Painter and presented in Marmoset Toolbag.

  • You can check process shots and videos on previous blog post. Also you can check it on Artstation

Production WIP

  - Planets

  • This week was mostly about building story and finding methods to detail it. As I said last week, I'm not familiar with detailing phase of this kind of artwork. Still not feel okay about composition or color selection but I'm approaching this artwork as it is not has to reach end in a few week or month. I'm not sure, i could finish it at some point by saying okay that's done. But at this point it is mostly experimental and open to discover.


  • These are some anatomy sketches which arr not enough but not less for me at my current situation. 


No time to look around for last week :):

What is my further plan?

  • I will start to producing Pirate ship that it's concept is not regular pirate ship, I have a few idea like pirateship that is exist in 1979 and that 1979 has different reality then ours.
  • Also, I will study anatomy next week too.
  • This week I worked and research for Süleymaniye area in Istanbul, as a part of Architectural Project in University. I read some articles, made some brainstorm, sketched ideas and did some volume concepts. It's not clear yet but until next Thursday I have to figure out some what, why and how. 

Final Words

I can say it feels good to be part of multi communities. I can feel tired while in a process, but when I look around and feel the spirit of moment, these all make me feel so good. 

Art Blog #2 - Need of Discovery to Level Up

These week, lectures mostly blocked my production. Anyway, I have still less homework.

Production WIP

 - Robotic Bee

  • Robotic Bee is in texturing phase. There will be some polishing work. I created low poly in zbrush and wrap uv's there too. I am just asking, where is the wings. Man you don't need it but it needs wings to fly.


  • This week I changed color mostly. I tried to add some details. But I guess I have something that i don't know yet. I'm not sure what is it yet. But I can call it like thinking every pixel. I don't mean exactly thinking them. Like connecting pixels each other. I don't know. I did a lot painting before, but they were small scenes or props mostly. In this painting, I feel like I'm missing something. Not sure is it story or composition, or details that make scene rich. I will discover it in next week. If any of you have idea, please inform me.

- Flipbook Creation in After Effects / Flipbook Shader with Amplify in Unity

  • These week I studied making a portal flipbook texture in After Effects by using Noise Effect.

  • After exporting Grayscale animation as png, I placed them in photoshop in 6x6 grid.
  • To use that flipbook texture in Unity I created a amplify shader with flipbook UV animation node within.

  • Final result in unity seems like below.


  • These are some sketches that is done randomly. Mostly I started with some taints and lines. Then the imagination lead the way. I can call these as therapy. 


Artwork by Jucarez is in my scope this week. He create nice and clean surface but that's not the point. The mimics of character and his composition tells lot's of stories which are unusual. All parts come together softly. Their weirdness is not disturb the viewer. Cool work.

Olentzero by Jucarez . 

What is my further plan?

  • I will continue on Robotic bee and Planets on next week.
  • Also, I will study anatomy next week.
  • Some architectural research work could be represent in here.

Final Words

My architectural study at university starts again. These periods give me lots of inspiration but also take too much time. I have to create balance in university works to create enough time for my personal and professional work. It is all fun anyway. See you next week.

Art Blog #1 - Beginning of Long Journey

This week I worked on some 3D and 2d stuff. It is also the last week before university lectures start.

Production WIP

 - Robotic Bee

  • Robotic Bee is started, as it is. I was planning to create a bug that is robotic. Then I choose the bee. I am creating zbrush high poly currently and then I will retopo mesh and wrap uv in Maya. Later then I will paint it in substance painter. Probably I will create final renders in at least one of unity, unreal and marmoset. This week's topic was creating base mesh by using zspheres and concepting base mesh in zbrush and polish it. Polishing will be continue on next week.
  • After long break, I returned to zbrush. That's why, I built shortcuts and getting used to pipeline in this week.
  •  -

  • Planets or Planet Filler, was started early on this year, then I postponed it. Purpose of project was creating high quality canvas work, in digital. I have no idea about high quality but I could call it like that. This week I added color over grayscale base.


Anatomy Practices

These are some 2-3min sketches. I got references from 


Two random sketches that is done in this week. Each of sketches done in 5 minutes.


This week I meet with Chameleon project of Yuliia Zlatohorska, that is created based on MEMESU's project. 

As a concept Chamelon Lab is already strong one. And in 3d version of it, Yuliia created concept well and it feed the concept with own vision. 

Chameleon by Yuliia Zlatohorska 

Chameleon Lab by MEMESU .

What is my further plan?

  • I will continue on Robotic bee and Planets on next week.
  • Also, I will study anatomy next week, and sketch some random ideas. 
  • I am planning to write a short story, probably next week i will start to work on it. 
  • Next week, my architectural study at University will be started, that's why some work for it could be represent in here. 

Final Words

This is the first post of weekly art blogs. By using this services I am planning to keep my personal progress and archive of my process.